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Drag's The Way!! (4 films - 62 min)

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NOTE: In the Short Film Packages, you can either rent the entire package (bundle) at a much lower cost or rent individual films. Some films maybe geo-blocked to play only in India and will show as Not Available in Your Country.


A mix package of four spirited short films inviting us to the world of Drag Queens and Kings! Since last one decade the drag culture has really evolved itself from the outlandish caricatured cross-dressing to the sassy performances with elaborate make-ups and coiffures and outstanding outfits, but most importantly it has inspired manifestation of an entirely new identity and persona for those who don it. Explored by all – male, female and transgender people, the drag culture has readily embraced gender fluidity. As RuPaul has famously commented- “We’re all born naked, and the rest is drag!”