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Queerment Québec (Short Film Package) - Available June 5, 2022

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NOTE: In the Short Film Packages, you can either rent the entire package (bundle) at a much lower cost or rent individual films. Some films maybe geo-blocked to play only in India and will show as Not Available in Your Country.

Synopsis Continuing its collaboration with Canada’s first and oldest LGBTQ+ film festival, Image+Nation Film Festival in Montreal, KASHISH is proud to celebrate Quebec image-makers. This year a package of six short films feature an avant-garde mix of emerging and established talents. Proving Montreal is a hotbed of queer creativity, these filmmakers offer dazzling stories that speak of and to uniquely Québécois cultural perspectives.

Supported by; Government of Quebec in Mumbai

NOTE: In the Short Film Packages, though the films may show as Not Available in Your Country, once you rent the entire package, all films will be available.