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Queerment Québec (Short Film Package) - Available June 5, 2022

6 films

NOTE: In the Short Film Packages, you can either rent the entire package (bundle) at a much lower cost or rent individual films. Some films maybe geo-blocked to play only in India and will show as Not Available in Your Country.

Synopsis Continuing its collaboration with Canada’s first and oldest LGBTQ+ film festival, Image+Nation Film Festival in Montreal, KASHISH is proud to celebrate Quebec image-makers. This year a package of six short films feature an avant-garde mix of emerging and established talents. Proving Montreal is a hotbed of queer creativity, these filmmakers offer dazzling stories that speak of and to uniquely Québécois cultural perspectives.

Supported by; Government of Quebec in Mumbai

NOTE: In the Short Film Packages, though the films may show as Not Available in Your Country, once you rent the entire package, all films will be available.

Content included in this bundle

8m LGBT, Experimental, Non-Binary 2021
4m LGBT, Experimental, Homophobia 2020
23m Drama, LGBT, Rebecca 2020
4m LGBT, Gay, Quebec 2020
4m LGBT, Music Video 2021
SPECTACULAR INTIMACY (L’intime Spectaculaire)
16m LGBT, Documentary, Quebec 2021