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TRANS INDIA (Short Film Package) - Available June 3, 2022

3 films

NOTE: In the Short Film Packages, you can either rent the entire package (bundle) at a much lower cost or rent individual films. Some films maybe geo-blocked to play only in India and will show as Not Available in Your Country.

Synopsis Three real-life stories about the Transgender community in three Indian states! Despite many welfare schemes having been announced and are even in place, yet condition of the transgender community is still not as good as it should be. Though the picture doesn’t look that bleak yet, much work needs to be done. Not just on policy making level, but largely on grassroots and societal level.

Content included in this bundle

23m LGBT, Documentary, Transgender 2021
THE VALLEY OF STORIES (Kathekagala Kanive)
30m LGBT, Documentary, Transgender, Photography 2021
10m LGBT, Documentary, Transgender, HIV 2021