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1h 54m Drama, LGBT, Gay, Elder 2021

Wet Sand takes place in a small Georgian village at the Black Sea with friendly people who help each other and believe to know each other. One day Eliko (65) commits suicide. His granddaughter Moe (26) is called from the city to take care of the funeral. Step by step she gets confronted with a web of lies. For 22 years Eliko has been living his love in secret. His love with another man, the owner of the local restaurant. The true dimensions of the tragedy make Moe free her own ability to love. The truth, however, ruins the reality of the villagers and they are provoked to take a stand. Wet Sand is a call for the freedom to love, regardless of the gender. It is a call for the courage to stand up. And it tells the story of two men in love with each other who were burnt to be forgotten.




Georgia, Switzerland

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Promo - June 6, Prog 2

Promo - June 6, Prog 2