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Solaris Pictures is an Indian media house that believes in ‘Advotainment’ – advocacy with entertainment. As a film production company it has consistently been making films on issues such as LGBT rights; films that engage the audience and initiate dialogues on issues dealing with health and sexuality, human rights, and the LGBT community. Previous productions include: The Pink Mirror, 68 Pages, Project Bolo, Purple Skies, Breaking Free and Evening Shadows.

Solaris Pictures believes in pushing the envelope – both as producer and as distributor, and in partnering with grassroots NGOs and CBOs in India, and international collaborators from around the world. Solaris Pictures is not only producing films, but also distributing short films and documentaries of other queer filmmakers in order to encourage such endeavors that address underserved issues.

To strengthen and share this engagement with society, Solaris Pictures organizes two pathbreaking film festivals – FLASHPOINT Human Rights Film Festival and KASHISH Mumbai International Queer Film Festival, that have become important events on Mumbai’s cultural calendar.



1h 26m Drama, LGBT, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender 2006
1h 44m Drama, Family, Feature, Indie, Romance 2018
1h 22m Documentary, LGBT, Human Rights, Law, Homophobia 2015
GULABI AAINA (The Pink Mirror)
40m Drama, LGBT, Transgender, Drag Queens, Cult Film 2002